Dreamland BBS 1Liner MPL

dreamland bbs Oneliner to html mpl
Users Handle1 liners
metalhead We're the dream warriors.. don't wanan dream no more
ignatius catch22.zapto.org port 26 :: Heavily modded Daydream
dr evil wooop woooop
torque222 BBSing on my computer is like going to some secret place.
stackfault bbs.bottomlessabyss.net
JamTone Having fun BBSing. Please Check out Renegade Media at BBS.Mywire.org
JamTone Dreamland BBS Totally Rocks!
Night Stalker new port for internal dimension -> idbbs.dlinkddns.com:2019
dr evil hey it's back
atropine I.D. is back :D :D

mystic oneliners to html mpl v1.0 for mystic by dream master!DoRE!ACiDiC!demonic
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