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JamTone Having fun BBSing. Please Check out Renegade Media at BBS.Mywire.org
JamTone Dreamland BBS Totally Rocks!
Night Stalker new port for internal dimension -> idbbs.dlinkddns.com:2019
dr evil hey it's back
atropine I.D. is back :D :D
brokenmind THe iNSAnE AsYLuM BBs tiabbs.synchro.net - tiabbs.zapto.org
ignatius catch22.zapto.org port 26 :: Heavily modded Daydream
Night Stalker narf!
warmfuzzy fishingnet.phatstar.org:7777 (Christian BBS) - Research Purposes
dr evil yo mama is here to pick you up.

mystic oneliners to html mpl v1.0 for mystic by dream master!DoRE!ACiDiC!demonic
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