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Flashy My name is DICKS and I'm so DICKS
snowman has anyone ever played Ballsmoker?
aNACHRONiST iMPURE! #80 out now!
tsampras hi all glad to be here
MaxMouse Hello from Hypernode BBS - hypernode.ddns.net
viroid took a break from bbs'n for a decade, all I have to show for it is divorce
jas hud hey kids! - jas (put the user name in this oneliners!)
opicron ircCHAT 1.7 released
MaxMouse Have a holly jolly christmas
opicron All persons of interest please leave a msg ^^

mystic oneliners to html mpl v1.0 for mystic by dream master!DoRE!ACiDiC!demonic
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