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Welcome to the dreamland mystic 1.12 A43 webserver.


Dreamland BBS started way back in 1993 when I some how discovered BBS’s. I called one board called the Bat Cave. The board was running on Renegade BBS. I liked how it felt and looked. So he talked me into setting a board up and I did and I printed out the manual. I got pretty good at it and then got into modding.

Calling other boards like iniquity and others. I eventually got a phone line and so began my being a sysop. After I saw all these cool modding groups like tric I tried my hand in it and it was natural. I created DoRE and at the time it meant Dudes of Renegade Enhancement. Then later on I tried my hand at modding other software like Iniquity and as our members grew I change the meaning to dudes of revolutionary enhancements.

During that time I would call Cott Lang’s board and damn long distance. lol He broke into chat and we talked for a long time and what he did and what I did. Later on Patrick Spence got in and made me an alpha when Cott gave the green light. So I was a Renegade alpha for few years. I during that time had my board on win 3.11 , then made the jump to OS/2 3 Warp then Warp 4. I loved that OS still do.

Moved from Agoura to North Hollywood and my board was down for a week. There was no activity of Renegade for a long time and after they gave up on it I looked around and was going to do iNiQUiTY but i found MYSTIC and loved it. I did play with other setups and even had a telegard system for testing. Mystic won. Mystic was at 1.07.3 and I later became an alpha for 1.08 and was loving MPL. I even created at the time the first true door type mpl and that was MASTER MIND. The ansi’s were done by smooth of [iCE] at the time. I started to work on the dos,win32 and os/2 version.

I then started to get more into programming having no background and sure as hell was not smart enough for algebra and all that jazz that would be in pascal etc. I after playing with Bordland Pascal found Virtual pascal that would compile in Win32, OS/2 and linux. I got ahold of the source for Jezebel and started to convert it to Win32. I met up with Zoob who made it even better with the win32 conversion. We release 2.0 win32/dos/os2. Zoob disappeared and i was left with Jezbel solo and i wanted to add IGM’s to it. I got up to 2.4 released.

In 2010, I took my board down because to me at the time I had to take care of life things. 2011 i suffered a mild stroke and had to build up my motor skills. in late 2014 i got a bug to run a board and and wanted to keep it mystic. 1.10 alpha was the latest. I opened my board still using my 1.08 A33 setup and was converting and updating it for 1.10 and all of my old mpls are up to date but Master Mind. I am still working on that but I am also going to start on a new mpl called Vudu Island. That’s it for now.